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Campain for Amaro at Soko


Creative Art Director & Motion Designer


Silver - 2020 - Digital/Games
Bronze - 2020 - Fashion

Fashion brands have always looked for the next trends in the streets. But when people had to stay at home, where did the fashion go? In 2020, it went to Animal Crossing.

One of the biggest fevers of the pandemic year, the game has a community of thousands of users who are daily carrying out various tasks: including producing their own garments.

It was in this virtual place that Amaro took its virtual model - Mara - to create it's own island, interact with the community of gamers and seek out new trends for CROSS COLLECTION. As a result, Amaro's fashion design team brought the virtually planned garments to life and 29 pieces were created from the virtual reality to be bought in the material world.

Earned media:

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Reason Why︎︎︎
Muse by clio︎︎︎
Fashion United︎︎︎
Spring Wise︎︎︎
Jornal do Brasil︎︎︎
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Creative Director: Luciana Cardoso
Head of Marketing: Denise Door
Art Director: Juliana Boiger
Operations leader: Flavia Penereiro
PR Leader: Camila Assreuy


Druk by Berton Hasebe

Project Images:

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Founder and Head of Creative Data: Felipe Simi
Creative Data Executive Director: Rafael Caldeira
Creative Data Leader: Rafael Alves
Creative Data: Isabela Marangoni
Art Director: Mildredy Ventorin and Juan Portilla
Account Director: José Brites
Designer: Rodrigo Maltchique
Art and Motion Director: Lucas Ramos
Copywriter: Ayslan Monteiro
Data Scientist: Teca Barros
Gamer: Ikaro Cavalcante
Head of Operations: Brisa Vicente
Developer: Brenda Colautti
Founder and head of media & Influence: Pedro Tourinho
PR Director: Ana Caroline Chaves
Broadcaster: Lina Mancuso
Announcer: AMARO
Approved by: Luciana Cardoso

Creative Art Director & Designer