Personal project, free time, escape area. Call it what you want. For me, it is a moment of self-knowledge, improvement and where I can simply enjoy myself. I do these to learn a new skill, test a different technique, try out an idea — or simply for fun.

Ana Frango Elétrico (Brazilian Musician) Posters (concept)

Open Collab // Typography session

Collaborative poster using “Mega Display” the first typeface that I designed.

Mega Display: @luvaswork
Arch Regular: @georgedavisansted
Snail: @typography_seeds

Open Collab // Sustainable future session

Colaborative posters I designed with such amazing lettering artists all around the world.
Based in the topic "Sustainable future". 


@samyagosh@odalis_llerena and @martinelden

Session hosted by: @b4k6rsf16ld

3D studies


Galgo — 03/23/2022

Painting of a Galgo I did in a 45x50cm (18x20 inches) canvas using black and purple acrylic paint.

Ferrari — 03/16/2022

Painting of a Horse I did in a 40x45cm (16x18 inches) canvas using black and red acrylic paint.

Generative artwork using Nvidia Gaugan

Antinomia's Upcycling Workshop Poster

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Creative Art Director & Designer