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BUCK helped relaunch IMDb TV as Amazon Freevee. We collaborated on everything to shape the brand’s personality online and offline.We’re especially proud of the expressive type system and motion language we developed to embody the free spirit of the streaming service. Together, they create a distinctive voice in free streaming entertainment.



Executive Creative Director

Kevin Walker

Group Creative Director

Camille Chu

Executive Producer

Justin Harris
Nick Carmen

Creative Director

Camille Chu
Jeni Wamberg
Shannon Jager

Associate Creative Director

Cecilia Chang Lee
Janice Ahn
Mike Payne


David Guti Rosado

Production Coordinator

Cody o neil
Kyjahana Izizarry
Leeann Sands

Head of Strategy

Marla Moore

Senior Strategist

Surabhi Rathi

Brand Strategist

Asia Hunt
Scott Sparks
Steph Millar

Principal Copywriter

Dave Evans


Brooke Kessler
Charlie Short
Jeannie Bolet

Art Director

Abbie Winters
Eduardo Gooda


Danilo Rodrigues
Darius Maghen
Devin Mathews
Haeri Cho
Kenni Huang
Lucas Ramos
Mark Kulakoff
Mary Kate Henry
Max Vogel
Rozi Zhu
Sol Lee
Tien Min Lao
Wesley Chen
Whitney Badge
Zuheng Yin

2D Animation Lead

Anton Thallner
Lauren Tom

2D Animation

Abbie Bosworth
Anissa Silva
Drew Wiebe
Evan Stalker
Jim Pierce
Ramzi Hogan

Head of Post Production

Paal Rui

Technical Director

Ben Rohel


Billy Kostka
Cameron Kelly
Heather Bartholomae
Peter Brandi
Zak Kinzinger

Assistant Editor

Robert Bailey

Sound Design Studio


Creative Art Director & Designer