Black Month

Campain for Google Brazil at Soko


Creative Art Director
How to cherish the ancestry of the Black population when most of it was not properly documented? Or perhaps not documented at all?

Google invited four black contemporary artists (Jess Vieira, Pegge, Heloisa Hariadne and Robinho Santana)  to paint their visions on Black People Ancestry in Brasil. All of the process was documented to be shared online, from the artists breing briefed to their perceptions on the results.

After the campaign was aired, all of the pieces became part of the Black History and Culture section at Google Arts & Culture and also the Museu Afro Brasil.

This is the video hero made for the launch of the campaign with the aim of awarness of the message.

Here is a series of posters made from all the works published on Google Arts and Culture and exhibited at the afro Brazil museum.

Google Brazil:

Head of Creative Services: Zé Porto
PMM - Creative Lead: Rafael Camilo
Social Strategy: Nicole Cassiano
Creative Copywriter: Pedro Paulo
Art Director: Taira


Google Sans by Google

Project Images:

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Founder and Head of Creative Data: Felipe Simi
Creative Data Executive Director: Rafael Caldeira
Creative Data Leader: Camila Al-Cici and Matheus Dick Lee
Creative Data: Caio Milanesi
Art Director: Lucas Ramos e Pedro Dias
Account Leader: Pedro Gonçalves
Motion designer: Lucas Ramos
Copywriter: Thamara Pinheiro, Larissa Araujo and Victoria Hope
Data Scientist: Jonatas Pereira and Matheus Facci
Community Manager: Marcela Sena
Head of Operations: Brisa Vicente
Producer: Daniele Moura
Founder and head of media & Influence: Pedro Tourinho
Video Production: Modernista
Director: Gabriela de Paula and Camila Tuon
Agency: SOKO.CX
Announcer: Google Brazil
Approved by: Zé Porto, Rafa Camilo and Nicole Cassiano

Creative Art Director & Designer