Trans Visibility

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Art Director & Motion Designer
In Brazil, January 29th is the Trans Visibility Day. And specially in the middle of a pandemic, their existence were even more threatened, fact that brought along an urgent matter: hope.

So in a country where the norm is to watch videos, headlines, studies showing the trans population in a situation of vulnerability, we've decided to organize information about them with a fresh perspective: giving hope for themselves from theirselves. 

To do so, we've categorized in a helpful way creators, artists, authors that both inspire trans people and provoke online haters in the "Registro de Existências" project.

Google Brazil:

Head of Creative Services: Zé Porto
PMM - Creative Lead: Rafael Camilo
Social Strategy: Nicole Cassiano
Creative Copywriter: Pedro Paulo
Art Director: Taira


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Project Images:

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Founder and Head of Creative Data: Felipe Simi
Creative Data Executive Director: Rafael Ziggy
Creative Data Leader: Caio Milanesi
Head of Design: Roma Martins
Art Director: Lucas Ramos 
Head of Accounts: Daniel Mason
Account Leader: Pedro Gonçalves
Motion designer: Lucas Ramos
Copywriter: Ode
Consultancy: Ode
Photographer: Rafa Kennedy
Data Scientist: Jonatas Pereira
Community Manager: Marcela Sena
Head of Operations: Brisa Vicente
Founder and head of media & Influence: Pedro Tourinho
Agency: SOKO.CX
Announcer: Google Brazil
Approved by: Zé Porto, Rafa Camilo and Nicole Cassiano

Creative Art Director & Designer