Rhymes Against Fake News

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CCSP In the book - 2020

When more than 70% of fake news circulate on Whatsapp in Brasil, it makes a lot of sense to do a project on that platform to fight them. But with rhymes, which can be far more easily remembered than texts.

Especially in a pandemic context when people become even more connected online, it important to acknowledge how dangerous fake news can be. And kids are not imune to that reality. To make the truth be as engaging as the fake news, we've invited rappers such as Luz Ribeiro, Kimani and Nego Bala to rhyme with Nenê do Zap, the personification of an existing platform for parents and guardians of kinds below age 12 within Whatsapp. 


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Founder, Head of Creative Data: Felipe Simi
Creative Executive Officer: Rafael Caldeira
Creative Data Leader: Gabriela Rodrigues
Art Director: Lucas Ramos e Victor Emeka
Motion Designer: Lucas Ramos
Copywriter: Doug Peroni
Dark Social: Kaerre Neto
Account Director: Daniel Mason
Broadcast Leader: Fabiane Abel
Broadcaster: Barbara Naliato e Juliana Alencar


Projects: Marília Pereira
Editor: Matheus Pinheiro
Sound producer: Fuzzr

Creative Art Director & Designer