for Netflix at Soko


Creative Art Director & Motion Designer
Netflix Brasil needed to create a powerful and engaging story to launch its profile on TikTok - the third global handle on the platform.

To do so, we've transformed the "TUDUM" sound - which opens every single streaming production - in a song for trending dancing challenges in TikTok.

And so the #TUDUMchallenge was born: Netflix's first dance challenge globally. 


Founder and Head of Creative Data: Felipe Simi
Creative Data Executive Director: Rafael Caldeira
Creative Data Leader: Juliana Jabra
Creative Data: Caio Milanesi
Art Director: Lucas Ramos
Account Leader: Diego Avila
Copywriter: Leonardo Polo
Head of Operations: Brisa Vicente
Founder and head of media & Influence: Pedro Tourinho
PR Director: Ana Caroline Chaves
Agency: Soko.cx
Announcer: Netflix

Creative Art Director & Designer