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Creative Art Directior, Motion Designer and 3D Artist.
June 28 is LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, but the cause goes far beyond a single day.

That's why we created #PrideEveryDay with Quem Disse Berenice. A calendar built in partnership with several LGBTQIA+ people bringing important dates from the community, to remember that every day is a day of pride.

The calendar will be put up for sale and the entire amount raised will go to projects in the LGBTQIA+ community.


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Founder and Head of Creative Data: Felipe Simi
Creative Data Executive Director: Rafael Ziggy
Head of Operations: Brisa Vicente
Creative Data Leader: Isabela Marangoni
Head of Design: Roma Martins
Art Director: Rafa de Prada, Lucas Andrade and Lucas Ramos
Copywriter: Douglas Peroni
Graphic Designer: Gabriel Gahesa
Making of photos: Roma Martins
Broadcasters: Pedro Cruz, Ana Caroline, Wilaize Morais, Bianca Iaconelli and Barbara Rossi.
Data Strategist: Fernanda Farias
Dark Social Specialist: Igor Frossard
Creative Data Analyst: Nathalia Imamura

Creative Art Director & Designer