Branding for Stompy at &Walsh


Art Director / Designer
Stompy is a wine subscription service that intelligently tailors wine selections to your taste buds. When developing the brand identity for Stompy, we were tasked with creating a brand that could bring wine to a more modern audience. After all, buying wine does not have to be a scary experience full of weird etiquette and plagued with complicated rules!

In the brand direction, we explored visual cues that challenge the stuffy, snobby stereotypes surrounding wine and instead open up great wine to more great people. Through bold type, bright colors, and humorous illustrations, we aim to inspire wine noobies (and aficionados) to sip more and snob less!

The name Stompy refers to the art of grape stomping. We illustrated this concept through extruding type and playful repetition throughout the brand identity.

Whether it be out of a solo cup or a fancy wine glass, the vessel doesn’t matter—the brand's imagery encourages everyone to wine the way they want to.


Agency: &Walsh
Client: Andy Williams, Stephen Wong
Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
Strategy: Lauren Walsh
Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic, Ben Fahy
Production: Prue Linehan, Samantha Galvao, Amy Chuyin Liang, Evan Delp, Luciana Almeida
Design Lead: Jeremy Rieger, Simoul Alva, Katyayani Singh, Elinor O’Brien
Design: Sasyk Mihal, Divya Negi, Heewon Kim, Matthew Roop, Rachel Denti, Carlos Bocai, Gabriel Abascal, Jada Akoto, Sofia Noronha, Zitong Zhao, Hatsue Andrews, Riisa Liao, Tais Kahatt, Fabrizio Morra, John Sampson, Léa Bissiau, Lucas Ramos
Type Design: Jeremy Rieger, Sanchit Sawaria, Muhittin Güneş, Laura Csocsán, Julio Zukerman
Illustration: Tommy Tarvonen, Rachel Denti, Katyayani Singh
Props: Arielle Casale, Tiffany Thebodeau, Chelsea Finkel
Photography: Henry Hargreaves, Arielle Casale, Tiffany Thebodeau, Chelsea Finkel, Jarett Loeffler 
Retouching: Arielle Casale, Tiffany Thebodeau, Jarett Loeffler  
3D & Animation: Lorenzo Cobo, Pablo Robla, Daniel Zepeda, Sofia Noronha, Fabrizio Morra
Web Design & UX: Marcus Brown

Creative Art Director & Designer